I was trained as an architect.  So in that regard, I am equal parts artist and builder. I have founded, run and sold my own firms and helped grow/expand the reach of Gensler, one of the world’s largest architecture and design companies. But while I have an eye for the spaces that people inhabit, it is the people within those spaces who really speak to me.  It has informed the transformational work I’ve done for corporate and non profits, and the personal work on global human migration I aspire towards.

When I partner to help with development and change, I take a very human-centered focus. Pragmatically, I want to know the view from the outside looking in, but also how the company or organization wants to be viewed from the inside out.  And how, perhaps most importantly, the people who make up the company or non-profit view themselves and each other. How they work together. Whether they are cohesive. Complementary. And if they are not, how things can be shifted so that they are.

I have had the pleasure of working around the world with startups to global powerhouses, small grassroots non-profits to multi-national change agents. My blueprint is an amalgam of business acumen, creative capacity and organizational awareness.

Transformative work is inner work. The opportunity to grow comes when you are comfortable with change. I can get you there.